Chris is a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) and has way more knowledge and experience than your average personal trainer.  He combines the talents of a  physical therapist, exercise guru, ergonomist and holistic health advisor.  When my chronic upper back and neck problems flared up, Chris pointed out that my computer keyboard in my home office was up too high and the monitor was too low.  I was hunched over this set-up  for hours at a time.  He helped me reconfigure my computer to alleviate the cause and created a personalized exercise routine to build flexibility and strength.  I highly recommend working with Chris.  He is a real talent, and a nice person.


- Margie, Moorestown, NJ




I recovered from cancer a few years ago.  At that time I was incredibly weak, de-conditioned and I couldn't even walk up my stairs due to severe knee pain.  I have had many personal trainer's in the past, but I could tell that Chris was way different.  He did an hour long evaluation during my consultation to determine my weaknesses and muscle imbalances.  He used this information in conjunction with my goals and progressed me slowly as I needed it at this time.  I can now run up my steps without any knee pain and I am in better condition than before I was diagnosed with cancer.  Shortly after I started working with him, I had a dexa-scan.  It showed that I had osteopenia (decreasing bone mass) in my lower back.  I had the test done again two years later and had no sign of any problem.  The strength training program is working!!!  I am even playing tennis now!  I can't thank you enough Chris!


- Bonnie, Blackwood, NJ



Facility Address 
16 Rock Hill Road, Suite A

Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 

Business Address

P.O. Box 71

Mount Laurel, NJ 08054



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